Who We Are

New Penn Financial is a national mortgage lender that is quickly becoming a leader in the industry. Our strong financial position, exceptional service and support, and innovative products set us apart from other lenders.



Our relationship with Shellpoint Partners provides New Penn Financial with something unique in the mortgage industry: a substantial capital base. This solid financial foundation allows us to grow and innovate. By acting as both a portfolio lender and a conduit lender, we offer our partners the flexibility and dependability they need to remain competitive in today's lending environment.

New Penn's goal is to get on the forefront of online technology and stay there. We are creating fast and easy systems so loans close faster and are simplifying processes wherever possible. We understand the value of simplicity in an environment complicated by regulations, rules, and structure.



We have assembled a highly seasoned and deeply experienced management team. We have seen firsthand the ups of robust economies, the downs of challenging economies and everything in between. This means we have been able to put systems and structures in place from day one to manage risk, stimulate growth, and assure success.

Our unique combination of financial stability and management experience creates an innovative environment that makes our partners at every level more competitive and successful. Our portfolio products have been specifically designed to fill critical service gaps in the market, offering products for investors, foreign nationals, those with minor credit blemishes or those who want to make home improvements to name a few.