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All appraisals must be ordered through a New Penn approved AMC. In addition, all loans require New Penn disclosure prior to appraisal order. New Penn disclosures will be sent within 1 business day following New Penn acceptance of the full submission or registration.


AMC must be selected according to the subject property state as outlined below.




Appraisals for Non-Del Correspondent Loans

Non-Delegated Correspondents are required to use a New Penn approved AMC for all Shellpoint portfolio loans or SMART series products. For VA, FHA or Conventional loans it is not required to use an approved AMC. However, the AMC utilized must be independent of the lender, Lender’s Affiliates and subsidiaries and is not involved in the loan transaction in any way except as the appraiser.

View Approved AMCs and Instructions


Appraisals for all VA Loans

Fill out this form to order a VA Loan regardless of the state.

VA Appraisal Form


Appraisal Linx

To get set up, fill out the registration form at


Appraisal Nation

To get set up, fill out the registration form at appraisalnation.appraisalscope.com.


Class Appraisals

To get set up, fill out the registration form at 


eStreet Appraisal Management Company

To get set up, email appraisals@estreetamc.com with your e-mail, phone number and AE's name to be assigned a username and password.

Helpful Tips When Ordering An Appraisal

When you are ready to place your appraisal order, be ready to provide the following information:
Valid credit card

Including name, expiration, security code, and type

Case Number

For FHA and VA loans (if applicable)

Contact Info

For all borrowers and real estate agents