SmartGFENew Penn Financial uses Closing Corp’s real estate services network, LoanEstimate (formerly SmartGFE), to quickly calculate closing fees by referencing their network of over 12,000 providers nationwide. This service is going to be an integral component of the new technology we are adding to our enhanced broker portal, and we are confident it will simplify the loan manufacturing process.

We know you have your preferred service providers and we want to make sure they are part of the LoanEstimate network.

  1. Contact your service providers and encourage them to enroll in this service; you simply need to let them know the benefits and that you are referring them to Closing Corp at the request of New Penn Financial.
  2. Direct your settlement service providers to the custom link that Closing Corp set up for New Penn:
    Have them complete the online form and submit to Closing Corp.

If your service providers have any questions regarding this network, please ask them to contact Closing Corp at 866-256-7464 ext. 3004 or email

FAQs About Closing Corp

  • Closing Corp is the provider of the service LoanEstimate, a service provider network of over 12,000 real estate service providers.
  • Founded in 2005, and headquartered in La Jolla, CA
  • LoanEstimate® Service – For mortgage lenders who need fast and easy access to RESPA-compliant Loan Estimate data, the LoanEstimate® Service is a one-click online Loan Estimate data delivery service that provides live, actual rates for Blocks 3-8 with virtually no user interaction. The service streamlines the pricing process of a real estate transaction through automatic, back-end process routines, improves Loan Estimate and loan processing efficiencies and mitigates tolerance violations – all backed by a compliance guarantee that protects lenders from RESPA tolerance violations.
  • The service delivers real-time rates directly from ClosingCorp’s national network of more than 12,000 service providers and enables lenders to generate a “one click” RESPA-compliant Loan Estimate. The LoanEstimate® Service is currently integrated with Ellie Mae® Encompass360®, FIS™ Loan Origination Studio, LPS® Empower®, Calyx® Point® and many others. It is also accompanied by a compliance guarantee, protecting lenders from RESPA-tolerance violations related to Blocks 3-8.